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Only 3 Months Until the Lake Bluff 4th of July Parade!

With only three months remaining until the Lake Bluff 4th of July Parade, activities are already in full swing to make this year’s parade a huge success. Most bands and performance acts have already signed on to participate, with entertaining, new entries from outside the area.

The annual parade mailing is scheduled to arrive in the first week of April. This mailing outlines how you can support the parade through a donation, sponsorship of a band or by placing an ad in the Parade Book.

You can also find parade forms and do all transactions online at The parade exists solely through private donations; your support makes a difference.
The 104th Parade
Parade starts 10:00 am Friday July 4, 2014
2014 Parade Theme:
America's Pastimes
2014 Parade Marshal:
Lake Bluff Youth Baseball Association
Thank you 2013 Donors
Family Donations
Brad, Sherry, Erin, Molly and Connor Adams
Terry and Mary Sinclair-Albright
Mary and Dave Andersen
Bruce Ankenman
Anson Family
Susan Armbruster and Family
Julie and Sandy Athenson
The Atzeff Family
Elizabeth and Francis Avellone
Chris Baldwin and Family
Kathleen and Stephen Ballen
The Barkhausen Family
Walt and Katie Begley
Bob Beine
The Benjamin Family
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Bent
James and Betty Benton
Paul Bergmann and Jan Gibson
Liz and Scott Bermingham
Paul and Carol Bettendorf
Ralph and Lelsie Bishop
The Bisulca Family
Paul and Kathy Blahunka
Jim and Alisun Blanda
Norman and Joyce Bleier
Paula and Al Boese
Eleanor S. and Basil Borders
Frances C. Bowers
Steve and Kelli Brannan
The Bro Family
Dick and Winnie Brunjes
Jennifer and Dan Bryant
Bob and Sally Bullard
Kent and Mary Burgener
Todd and Michelle Burgener and Family
The Burns Family: Dave, Nisha, Avina, Dylan and Gavin
The Burns Family
Edi Burns
Bob, Karen, Matt, Aneta and Ben Bush
Stephen and Kathryn Butzlaff
Mary and John Canty
Laura and Ed Carney
Doug and Kathleen Cassidy
The Chamberlain Family
Regis and Leigh Ann Charlot
Mark, Katie, Luke and Colin Cheng
The Chlystek Family
Gil and Barbara Clark
Atteberry / Clifford
The Cobin Family
Peter, Susan, Meredith, Bobby and Grace Coburn
Michael and Carol Comstock
Bill and Betsy Conrad
Mrs. John W. Coutts
Sally and Tom Coyle
The Crandall Family
Anneliese and Bob Crawford
Ciccolini Family
George and Patricia Cudworth
Eugene M. Cummings
Patricia Curren
Neil and Mary Dahlmann
Daley Family
Mary Dalton
Davis and Winter Family
Janet and Robert Dawson
Cindy, Pat and Lauren DeLany
Carol DeSchutter
Dewart Family
Annette and David Dezelan Family
Bill Dobbins
The Dobbins Family
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R Donnelley
Cathy and Dick Driver
Ed and Liz Duffy
The Michael Eckert Family
Jack and Chris Edwards
Dorothy, Jane, Emery and Sean Emery
The Erzinger family
Pat Falligant
Dan and Leah Fietsam
FitzSimons Family
Archie Fletcher and Kathy Moeller
David, Molly, Ian, Liam and Angus Forlow
The Foss Family
Doug, Linda and John Frazier
John Freed Family
Marge and Cal Gage
Bill and Pam Gansberg
The Giangiorgi Family
The Girardin Family
Jerry and Bonnie Goldsberry
Brock Gordon Family
The Gore Family
Dave and Nancy Gorr
Jackie and Tom Gorter
The Gould Family
Ben and Barbara Gralla
Ann and Tom Grant
Sherry and Del Grapes
Mike and Peggy Griem
Judith Grisamore
Tom and Ann Hamlin
Phil and Pat Hannon
Clint, Dana, Tyler, Jake and Amelia Hansen
The Harkins Family
The Robert Harley Family
Margaret Hart
Bill and Ann Hart and Family
Nip and Phyllis Hay
Roger Hecker and Jennifer Beeler Hecker
Jennifer and Roger Hecker
Cissy and Mike Henrick
Mary and Fred Herlocker
Jerry and Denise Hickey
Michael and Jeniece Higgins
Steve and Cathy Hoff
Faye and Dean Holm
George and Mary Ellen Holstein Family
Esther Homeck
Terry and Wendy Horan
Sue and Gene Hotchkiss
Tom and Jennifer Howe
Alison Hurd Tompkins and Roger Hurd
Michael, Lynn and Kathleen Hurley
Dan and Pam Huston and Family
Bernie Hyde
Rudy Iberle
Bob and Ginny Istnick
The Jacobsens-David, Michele, Michael and Kristen
Jim and Karen Jacobson
Paul and Heather Jasper and Family
Sara, Wayne and Allison Jenner
Rick and Janie Jerch
Bill and Cindy Johnson
Laura and Chuck Johnson
Kris and Joe Johnson
Anne and Jim Johnstone
Hal and Joan Jones
John and Joan Kaltsas and Family
Karno Family
Kaus Family -- Jayson, Wendy, Audrey, Grant and Rachel
Beth Keepper and Family
Jack Kennedy
Tom and Helen Kerf
Raza and MaryAnn Khan
The Klawitter Family
Ken, Linda, Rob and Jon Klein
Aki Knezevic and Mickey Collins
Dave, Lisa, Ethan and Abby Kocourek
Jeff Koenig
Kollasch Family
Carol Kopriwa
Joan and Steve Kraus
Andrew, Susan, Amy and David Krivoshik
Mr. and Mrs.Richard Kucera
The Lacey Family
Chuck, Helen and Dave LaCroix
Marge and Ralph Lambrecht
Jack and Robin Lange
David Lee and Family
Barbara Lee
Lemieux Family
The Lerum Family
Rick and Terry Lesser
Leventhal Family
Richard and Margaret Lindman
Wil and Celia Ling
Angie Littner-Garcia and Family
Scott and Bobbi Logan and Family
Carol Lunde
Gean Lutz
Lynch Family
The MacLean Family
Manning Family
The Markee Family
John Marozsan and Ann Gousha
Lise and Andy Martin
Mary Mason and Family
Susie and Jim Mayhall
Hugh and Ann Mazza
The McBean Family
Brooke and Brian McCloskey
The McCotter Family
McDermott Family
Steven, Abby and Rae McDonnell
Kris and Terry McKinnon
Meierhoff Family
The Meyer Family, Bill, Jennifer, Will and Rosie
Jean and Bob Meyers
Mark, Margaret, June and David Miller
The Elliot Miller Family
Meghan Davey Miller
Ken, Sue and Tracy Miller
Mills Family
Kim and John Minichiello
Roger and Pauline Mohr
Ellie and Finn Moore
The Moss Family
Leigh, Jim Moss and Family
Phyllis and Simon Moughamian
Sue Mullane
The James Murray Family
Tom and Carol Myers
Benita Myles
Janet and Herb Nelson
Merle Nelson Family
John and Midge Nelson
Sue Nelson
Sheila and Bob Nelson
Bill and Paula Nordeen
Michael O`Connell
Ron Staudt and Family
Kathleen O`Hara
Marti Palmer and Family
Jeff Parson
Alex and Nan Patterson
Marian Pawlick
Oliver and Joyce Perschke
Gary and Melodi Peters Family, Eric, Sissy and Brett
Cathy, Cathy and John Peterson
Paul and Annie Pezza
Peggy and J Pezza
The Wally Philipp Family
Henrietta Pigg
Helen and Steve Potsic
The Preschlack Family>br>Janice and Rick Price
The Pritchard Family
Lynn, John and Danielle Pullan
The Quick Family
Ratliff Family
Sue and Bill Raymoure
Marge and Marshall Reavis III
Corrine Reichert
Natalie and Scott Rempala
Margaret Reuter
The Rice Family
Herbert and Brigid Richards
Missy Romanoff
The Rosa Family
Frania and Phillip Ross
John and Daun Roth
The Rotman Family
Sarah and Charles Rowland
Barb and Sam Ruffolo
East Prospect Runkles
The Rupprecht Family
Pam, George, Matt and Eric Russell
The Jerry Ryder Family
Ron Salski
Betty and William Sample
The Sandner Family
Santaniello Family
Eric and Barbara Saunders
Brian and Julie Schmucker
Rick and Maggie Schmude
Ruth Schnell and Family
Jack and Jan Schnobrich
Renate Schuler
Paul T. Schuster Family
Edwin Scott, Jr.
Bill and Gayle Seldon
Sennello Family
Kris and Dennis Seper
Nancy Sergel
Tanya and Jay Sharman
Lucy Sharp
Sheffield Family
Jack and Kathy Sheppard
Connie and Colin Silvester
Howard and Diane Skoien
Leslie and Peter Smith
Jake and Ann Snyder
Sara and Bill Snyder
Judy and Bruce Spencer
Cathy, Charlie, Hillary and Will Spencer
The Sperry Family
Don and Mia Spooner
Darlene and Jim Stanley
Mary Stauffer
Lew and Holly Steadman
The Stewart Family
Katherine Stibley
Randy, Sarah, Ruby and Nola Stodard
Ralph and Sally Stoll
Stan, Carrol and Katie Stovold
The Stowe Family
Alfred and Carole Stroh
Kris and Bruce Stromberg
Irek and Margaret Stypik
Mary and Bill Summers
The Sunderman Famly
Ruth and Jhan Swanson
The Swee Family
The Tanna Family
The Terkildsen Family
Howard and Tena Tessler
Thadani Family
Bill and Susan Thies
Dorothy T. Thomas
Michael and Suzanne Thomas and Family
David and Paulette Thomas
Scott, April, Emily and Brooks Thomas
The Goldsberry Family - Michael, Anna, Elsa and Henrik
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Tierney
The Tiffany Families
Ethel and Tom Tincher
Rachel and Adam Tjarksen
Toser Family
The Trefts Family
Richard F. and Helen Triptow
Bob and Mary Lou Troyer
The Twichell Family
The Vahey Family
Valentincic Family
Verlen Family
The Audley Family
Dietmar and Heidi Wagenknecht
Carol and Ben Wagner
Perry and Pinkie Walcott
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Walecka
John Walsh
Larry Warnke Family
John and Joan Webster
John and Marie Weglarz
The Wells Family
Peter and Margaret White
Nancy and David White
Ron and Nan Wick
Paul and Kathleen Witt Family
The Woie Family
Jane Wood
Alain and Barbara Wood-Prince
Kenneth Wright Jr. Family
Dick and Gari Zott

Business Donations
August Jackson
Halloran and Yauch, Inc.
Hart for County Board
John S. Swift Co. Inc. Charitable Trust
Lake County Regional Office of Education
Life Insurance Advisors, Inc.
North Shore Chapter, NSDAR
Peter Baker and Son Company
Phillips-Eagan, LLC
Price Insurance
RBS Construction, Inc.

Advantage Home Health
Arbour Group LLC
Griffith Grant Lackie
Ireland Heating & Air Conditioning Co.
J. McLaughlin
Lake Forest Lake Bluff Rotary Club
Prudential Rubloff Properties
The Roanoke Group
Wisma / Inovasi

Parade Book
Adrian and Nancy Smith
American Family Insurance - Ed and Erin Whitehead Agencies
The American Youth Soccer Organization, Inc
Annette and David Dezelan Family
Arbour Group
The Audi Exchange
Bailey and Hart Interiors
BHG Distributor - Gibbs Brand
Boy Scout Troop 42
Bruce and Bruce Company
Bruce Brugioni Construction
Caputo Cheese Market
Chevy Exchange of Lake Bluff
Church of St. Mary
Clark and Steiner, Ltd.
Coldwell Banker Residential LLC
College of Lake County-Southlake Campus
The Community Church of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff
Credit and Management Systems
Daisy Loo Storybooks
The James D Young Family
Friends of Lake Forest Parks and Recreation Foundation
Friends of the Lake Bluff Library
G.H. Cretors Popped Corn
Grace Church
The Grieve Corporation
Griffith, Grant and Lackie Realtors
Griffith, Grant and Lackie Realtors-Beth Keepper
Hill and Stone Insurance Agency, inc.
Holland and Knight LLP
Hollis Steadman
Home Town Home Care
Imperial Motors Jaguar
Jump America
Ken's Volvo Tech, Inc.
Kinnucan Tree Experts and Landscaping
Knollwood Animal Hospital
Knollwood Neighbors
Koenig and Strey Real Living
Lake Bluff Cub Scouts - Pack 42
Lake Bluff Electric Company, Inc.
Lake Bluff History Museum
Lake Bluff Women's Club
Lake Forest Bank and Trust
Lake Forest Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce
Lake Forest Place
Lakewood Crematorium
Law Offices of Michael J. Cummins
Lawrence Interiors, Inc.
Leider Greenhouses
Lesser, Lutrey and McGlynn, LLP
Life Insurance Advisors Inc.
Lynch Construction Corp.and Lynch Service
Mariani Landscape
Metro Storage LLC
Molly Maid North Shore
Monongahela Capital Management
Montessori School of Lake Forest
Murphy Carpentry Inc.
N-Hance Wood Renewal
Northern Electric Service, Inc
Northworks Architects and Planners
Nyce Things Estate Sales
Pasquesi Associates, P.C.
Pasquesi Home and Gardens
Price Insurance
Ragsdale, Inc.
RBS Construction and Design Inc.
Re/Max Top Performers - The Jane Lee Team
Rob Letchinger Laner Muchin
Rondout Service
Roycealee J. Wood
SAL Consulting, Inc.
Schiller DuCanto + Fleck LLP
Superior Sheet Metal and Heating, Inc.
The Swanton Family
Swirlygig Industries
Uline Inc
Union Church of Lake Bluff
V.J. Killian Co.
West Insurance Agency
Wiegold and AA Service Co Heating and Cooling
Zengeler Cleaners
2014 Parade Sponsors
Photos from previous Parades
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