This year's theme:


Looking forward to the 2016 Parade!

Thank you for coming out to the 2015 Lake Bluff Fourth of July Parade! We look forward to seeing you again next year.
The 106th Parade
Parade starts 10:00 am Monday July 4, 2016
2016 Parade Theme:
Generations of Freedom
2016 Parade Marshal:
Lake Bluff Library
Click here to view the 2015 Parade Winners
Click here to watch the video of the Parade
Thank you 2015 Donors
Family Donations
Brian and Patty Abrams
Acopiado Family
Brad, Sherry, Erin, Molly and Connor Adams
Terry and Mary Sinclair-Albright
Stephanie and David Allen
Ed Barb Carolyn & Robert Hammond
Ann and Dave Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ankenman
Anson Family
Susan Armbruster and Family
The Arvia Family
Atendido Family
Julie and Sandy Athenson
The Atzeff Family
The Audley Family
Elizabeth & Francis P Avellone
Stephen and Kathleen Ballen
Jodi Barke and Vince Flannery
Sue & David Barkhausen
Jeanne & Justin Bartels
Beans Family
Walt and Katie Begley
Robert Beine
Theresa Belec
David and Brenda Belmonte
The Bennett Family
Peter Bensinger
Stephen Bent
Paul Bergmann and Jan Gibson
Paul and Carol Bettendorf
Ralph and Lelsie Bishop
Robert Bjork
Paul and Kathy Blahunka
Alisun and Jim Blanda
Norman and Joyce Bleier
Paula and Al Boese
Mel and Jack Brown
Janet Bugee
Tom and Debby Burke
The Burns Family
Bob, Karen, Matt, Aneta and Ben Bush
Kathryn and Stephen Butzlaff
Nan and Joyce Caldwell
Mary, John, Barbara and Jack Canty
Seamus and Kristin Carney
The James Cascarano Family
The Charlot Family
Mark, Katie, Luke and Colin Cheng
The Chlystek Family
Bill and Nancy Clifford
The Cobin Family
Peter, Susan, Meredith, Bobby and Grace Coburn
The Cockrel Family
James Costello
Mrs. John W. Coutts
Sally and Tom Coyle
Monte Craig
Nancy Crandall Family
Ciccolini Family
Julie and Ted Crouch
Patricia Curren
Neil and Mary Dahlmann
Ron and Jean DalPonte
Mary N. Dalton
Sam and Jack Daly
Brian Danaher
Carolyn and Cailie Dapier
Polly and Warren Davis
Sally Davis & Emmet Winter
The Davis Family
Carol and Dick Day
The DeJean Family
Mike & Cheryl Del Campo
The Delaney Family
Cindy and Pat DeLany
Carol DeSchutter
Mark and Sharon Dewart and Family
David and Annette Dezelan
The Dintruff Family
Ann Dixon
Cathy and Dick Driver
Ed and Liz Duffy
The Michael Eckert Family
Jack and Chris Edwards
The Erzinger Family
Fawcett Family
The Fitzgerald Family
FitzSimons Family
The Forlow Family
The Foss Family
Fossell Family
Joyce Foster
Marge and Cal Gage
The Gamrath Family
The Gamrath Family
Dave and Sue Ganis
Bill and Pam Gansberg
Jerry and Bonnie Goldsberry
The Gordon Family
Dave and Nancy Gorr
Jacklyn and Thomas Gorter, Jr.
Brooke & Julie Gottshall
The Gould Family
Ben and Barbara Gralla
Bob Molly Maggie Mary Kate Grace and Rosie Graziano
Mike and Peggy Griem
Judith Grisamore
Judy and Spike Gummere
Hambleton Family
The Hamlin Family
Bert and Ann Hand
Clint Dana Tyler Jake and Amelia Hansen
The Harkins Family
Bill and Ann Hart and family
Roger Hecker and Jennifer Beeler Hecker
Susan Rider's Momentous Birthday
Richard, Linda and Bridget Hegg
Laura and Manfred Hegwer
Todd & Sarah Helfrich
Philip and Suzanne Henderson
Mary and Fred Herlocker
Paul R. Hogan
Faye and Dean Holm
Esther Homeck
The Hood Family
Eugene Hotchkiss
Roger Hurd
Pam and Dan Huston and Family
Bernie Hyde
Rudy Iberle
Ginny and Bob Istnick
The Jackson Family
The Jacobsen Family - David, Michelle, Michael and Kristen
Jim and Karen Jacobson
Mike and Donna Jarvi
Wayne, Sara and Allison Jenner
Robert Johnson and Ann Eldred
Anne and Jim Johnstone
Karno Family
Jayson and Wendy Kaus
Brian and Stephanie Kearney
Beth Keepper and Family
Tom and Helen Kerf
MaryAnn and Raza Khan
Su Young Kim
Ken, Linda, Rob and Jon Klein
The Kloecker Family
Aki Knezevic and Mickey Collins
David and Liz Knight
Carol Kopriwa
Joan and Steve Kraus
Andrew and Susan Krivoshik
Richard and Diane Kucera
Kuetemeyer Family
Diane Landi
Jack and Robin Lange
David R. Lee
Lemieux Family
Rick and Terry Lesser
Nels and Liz Leutwiler
Steve and Jennifer Leventhal
Wil and Celia Ling
Todd and Kiersten Litzsinger
Scott & Bobbi Logan and Family
Carol Lunde
Lynch Family
The MacLean Family
Mahan Family
Daniel and Denyse Marcinek
The Markee Family
Lise and Andy Martin
Mary Mason MD
Susie and Jim Mayhall
Hugh and Ann Mazza
The McBean Family
Brooke & Brian McCloskey
Julie and Andy McCormick
Kris and Terry McKinnon
Jean and Bob Meyers
Mike and Susan Michaelis
June and David Miller
The Mills Family
Kim and John Minichiello
The Jim Mocogni Family
Dick and Cindy Morehead
Morris Family
Adam and Caitlin Morse
George & Sandy Morton
Mike and Chris Moses
The Moss Family
Phyllis & Simon Moughamian
Sue Mullane
Judge Margaret J. Mullen
The Munson Family
The James C Murray Family
Benita Myles and Family
Lisa and Dennis Nash and Family
Sheila & Bob Nelson
Caryl and Merle Nelson
Sue Nelson
John and Midge Nelson
Lydon and Linda Neumann
Harry and Lois Nicol
Matt Amy & Tyler Nielsen
Bill and Paula Nordeen
Kathleen O'Hara
The Ron Staudt Family
Bob and Brenda O'Neill
Marti Palmer and Family
Alex & Nan Patterson and Family
Don & Mary Ellen Patton & Family
Marian Pawlick
Oliver and Joyce Perschke
Gary and Melodi Peters
Sam and Martha Pettineo
The Pezza Family
Carol Post
Helen and Steve Potsic
Dick and Judy Powell
Lynn and John Pullan
Marina Carney Puryear
Puryear Family
Dave and Pat Quade
John & Nicole Quick and Family
Ratliff Family
Bill and Sue Raymoure
Corrine Reichert
The Reidy Family
Cliff and Eva Rice
Brigid and Herb Richards
Tim and Heather Richmond
The Rinehart Family
Rockwell Family
Mick and Grace Roebel
Missy Romanoff
Jill & Andrew Rosa
Frania and Phillip Ross
Roth Family
The Rotman Family
Charles Rowland
Barb and Sam Ruffolo
The Rupprecht Family
Russ and Joann Ruswick
The Jerry Ryder Family
Carla Rytell
Jim & Stacy Salanty & Family
Salski Family
Betty and William Sample
The Sanderson Family
Santaniello Family
The Schmuckers
Rick and Maggie Schmude
Ruth Schnell and Family
Jack and Jan Schnobrich
Jan and Carl Schons
Renate and Jack Schuler
Schultz Family
Paul T. Schuster Family and Kathy Conley
Bill and Gayle Seldon
Nancy Sergel
The Seymour Family
Tanya and Jay Sharman
Lucy Sharp
Jack & Kathy Sheppard
Connie and Colin Silvester
Diane and Howard Skoien
Leslie & Peter Smith
Jake & Ann Snyder
The Specketer Family
Cathy Charlie Hillary and Will Spencer
Judy and Bruce Spencer
Don and Mia Spooner
Darlene and Jim Stanley
Matthew and Elizabeth Stauffer
Nicholas and Kelly Stell
Sue Stevens
The Stewart Family
Ralph and Sally Stoll
The Stolzenburg Family
The Stovold Family
Carole S. Stroh
Bruce and Kris Stromberg
Margaret and Irek Stypik
Bill and Mary Summers
Matt, Sarah, Ethan, and Libby Sunderman
Jhan and Ruth Swanson
The Swee Family
The Tanna Family
John and Carole Tanner
The Terkildsen Family
Howard and Tena Tessler
Thadani Family
Scott & April Thomas
The Thomas Family
Dorthy Thomas
Michael and Suzanne Thomas and Family
The Goldsberry Family
Mr and Mrs Gerald Tierney
Kitt and Henry with Tiffanys
Tincher Family
Toser Family
The Towle Family
The Trefts Family
Hugh and Marjorie Triplett
Bob and Mary Lou Troyer
Marilyn and Dominic Turchi
Twichell Family
Vahey Family
The Valentincic Family
Dorothy Vance
Carol and Bennie Wagner
Perry and Pinkie Walcott
William Walsh
John Walsh
Larry Warnke Family
John and Joan Webster
John and Marie Weglarz
The Wehmeyer Family
Peter and Margaret White
Nancy and David White
Nan and Ron Wick
Wicks Family
The Wilson family
Roycealee J. Wood
Jane Wood
Gordon and Czarina Wood

Business Donations
AGSCO Corporation
August Jackson
Cahill Heating and Air Conditioning
Dragon K Martial Arts
Forest Builders, Inc.
Intermedia Systems, Inc.
James Anderson Company
John S. Swift Co., Inc. Charitable Trust
Lake Forest Food and Wine
Marvin Design Gallery
Nielsen Massey Vanillas
Performing Arts Summer Theater Academy
Spice Merchants of Lake Bluff
U.S. Shelter Homes L.L.C
Willard and James, LLC

Parade Book
Advantage Home Health Plus, Inc.
American College Funding
American Family Insurance - Ed and Erin Whitehead Agencies
American Youth Soccer Organization
Associated Pediatric Partners
Berkshire Hathaway Dowling and Fischer
Berkshire Hathaway KoenigRubloff
Bluffingtons Cafe
Broten Boatbuilding
Bruce and Bruce Company
Bruce Brugioni Construction
Caputo Cheese Market
CenterStage in Lake Forest
Church of St. Mary
Clark & Steiner Ltd.
College of Lake County-Southlake Campus
Colmar Productions LLC
The Community Church of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff
Cornfields Inc dba G.H. Cretors
The Del Rio of Highwood
DiVinci Painters
Dr. Tracy Durrett
Eleanor Dowling
Elliot, Lynn Miller and Family
Enqvist Homes
Focused Results Personal Training
Friends of the Lake Bluff Library
Grace United Methodist Church Lake Bluff
The Grieve Corporation
Griffith, Grant and Lackie Realtors
Hill & Stone Insurance Agency Inc
Home Town Home Care
Horsefeathers Therapeutic Riding NFP
IBJI - Lake Shore Orthopaedics
Imperial Motors Jaguar
Ireland Heating and Air Conditioning Co.
James LaDuke and Associates, Inc.
Jane Lee REMAX Top Performers
Jump America
Ken's Volvo Tech, Inc.
Kinnucan Tree Experts and Landscaping
Knauz Auto Group
Knollwood Animal Hospital
Lake Bluff Cub Scout Pack 42
Lake Bluff Electric Company, Inc.
Lake Bluff Garden Club
Lake Bluff History Museum
Lake Bluff Open Lands Association
Lake Bluff Park District
Lake Bluff Preschool
Lake Bluff Public Library
Lake Bluff Women's Club
Lake Effect
Lake Forest Academy
Lake Forest Bank and Trust Co.
Lake Forest Country Day School
Lake Forest Health and Fitness Center
Lake Forest Place
Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce
Lake Shore Pediatrics
Lakewood Crematorium
Law Office of Michael J. Cummins
Leider Greenhouses
Lew and Holly Steadman
Life Insurance Advisors Inc.
Linda Rosenberg
Luke's of Lake Bluff
Mariani Landscape
Martha Pedersen
McKechney and Moreland
Melissa Solberg
Micaiah Robinson
Minorini Painting
Molly Maid North Shore
Monongahela Capital Management
Montessori School of Lake Forest
Nels and Liz Leutwiler
North Shore Chapter DAR
Northern Electric Service Inc.
Palit and Wansten Dentistry
Pasquesi Home and Gardens
Pierson & Strachan P.C.
Pilates Studio of Lake Bluff
Ragsdale Inc.
RED Communications LLC
Richard and Janice Price
Robert S. Letchinger
Rondout Service
Roycealee J. Wood
SAL Consulting Inc.
Schiller DuCanto and Fleck LLP
Scott Streightiff
Semmelman & Semmelman Ltd.
Sherwin Williams
Smithereen Pest Management
Superior Sheet Metal and Heating, Inc.
The Swantons
Swirlygig Industries
Trinity International University
Two Paws Up Dog Training Inc
Uline Inc
Union Church of Lake Bluff
V.J. Killian Co.
Wenban Funeral Home Ltd.
Wests Insurance Agency
Wiegold & AA Service Co. Heating & Cooling
2015 Parade Sponsors
Photos from the 2015 Parade
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